Saturday, May 11, 2013

Oh, Fudge . . .

Yesterday, I said “fudge” on Facebook.

But just like in A Christmas Story, I didn’t say “fudge.” I said THE word, the big one, the queen-mother of dirty words, the “F-dash-dash-dash” word.

Unlike Ralphie, though, I didn’t actually say it. Tumblr did … on my behalf. I had accidentally liked a photo-stream from tumblr’s staff blog (I have big thumbs and an iPad mini), and tumblr told the world. Late last night, I got a text from my fiancee, Laurin, telling me I’d F-bombed all of my friends and family.

Hopefully, most of the people in my life know about auto-posting and the like, so I trust they know it wasn’t me who had committed a Ron-Burgundy-esque blunder. Still, when I saw Laurin’s text, I scrambled out of bed to my MacBook and quickly deleted the post from my wall and updated my tumblr permissions so it (hopefully) won’t happen again. (If you’re one of the folks who saw my faux pas in your news feed, I apologize.)

This morning, I got to thinking about what comes out of my actual mouth, not just my virtual one, and my heart’s “permissions.” Sadly, my filter does come off from time to time and I let things flow that wouldn’t normally be allowed. Only I can’t blame tumblr. What comes out of my mouth comes from what’s in my heart (Matthew 15:17-20).

At first, this was so hard to think about. As I reflected on my mouth’s track record, I concluded that my heart must be a cesspool, especially when I consider times of frustration, traffic, or what seem to be periods of near starvation. Those conditions, while they might soften the accusation my own words level against me, are nothing more than excuses for what Jesus says lives in my heart: “evil thoughtsmurder, adultery” (Matthew 15:19, NIV) and a whole bunch of other detestable acts. As I continued to think through these things, I felt condemned, ugly, and more broken than I had known.

But like so many things that the enemy uses to condemn us, God uses those same things to convict, in order to draw us closer to Him. And in that, there’s grace.

Think about this for a second. God has designed our mouths to be heart monitors. As deceptive and complex as our hearts can be, we have a fail-safe system for getting at our heart’s health. What comes out of our mouths tell us what lurks below the surface. And by knowing what’s there, we can work to clean things up.

Now, if only that came as quickly as changing my tumblr settings …


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