Monday, September 2, 2013

Breaking a Rule

I'm not usually a fan of rules, especially when there's some rationale behind a rule that's not apparent to me. I'm the first one to ask Why? On the other hand, I can be a huge Pharisee and insist that others follow the rules. See me in traffic for this one. This tendency also comes in handy for editing and proofreading, and it's one of the reasons these guys are among my heroes.

When it came time to write my book, Broken Vows: Divorce and the Goodness of God, I was told by quite a few people that it was important to figure out who I wanted my audience to be before I put my fingers to the keyboard. A good book has one primary audience, they told me. While it's still left to be seen whether readers will consider mine a "good" book, I broke this rule from the start. 

Without a doubt, I wrote Broken Vows for people who are hurting, particular from the pain of divorce. As the subtitle explains, the book is all about how God works good through even a horrible season like divorce. My hope is that people who have personally experienced the tearing apart of "one flesh" will see God working through the difficult parts of their stories. The gospel applies to every area of life, even when it seems like life has gone off the rails and fallen into a place where even the good news of Jesus can't reach. 

But I didn't write Broken Vows just for the hurting. As I said, the gospel applies to every area of life. For every person who's currently walking through a painful divorce or other tragedy, there are dozens more who come into contact with that soul. They too need to know how the gospel applies here. They too need to see that their stories are intersecting with the grace of God for such a time as this. The Christian life is one of community. Though there are times when we feel alone, we are not supposed to walk through life on our own, especially during its darkest moments. 

As I typed away at my MacBook, I tried to keep my eyes on people who have walked down a path similar to mine, but my eyes wandered to those who've never seen these paths—to the many pastors and mature Christians who love Jesus but aren't sure what to think about divorce or the size and weight of God's grace when it comes to these messy, muddy areas of life. 

Sometime this week, I'll be able to announce Broken Vows is now available. I hope that if you or someone you know has experienced divorce personally, you'll pick up a copy and that the words I wrote will minister gospel truth to fearful, bruised hearts. But my prayer is that the readership won't stop there. In the early days following the breakup of my marriage, I would have loved for someone to offer me a book like this one. Better yet, I would have loved it if a friend had read it themselves and could have understood a bit of what I was experiencing. 

For more information about Broken Vows: Divorce and the Goodness of God, click here and here. Thanks so much!


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